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Greetings Western Section members!

Two thousand eleven (so far) has been a busy and productive year for the Sacramento Diamonds Duplicate Bridge club. We have embraced new players, lost beloved ones, sharpened bridge skills (advance classes), held bridge parties, visited bridge friends and traveled throughout America and aboard.

Last year the Diamonds’ president, Margaret Ware initiated an annual “Theme Day Party” to be held each year. The first party was a Western theme honoring Diamond members eighty years old and over. This year, the Theme Party held on August 8, was Hawaiian (with no honorees) just an emphasis on having a good time, eating lots of excellent food and enjoying a “no fee” playing day. What an enjoyable day it was! Committee chair, Vice president Marcellus Bellows, with committee members, Jacqueline Carley, and Birdie Conyers are to be commended for an outstanding job in party planning.



                   Marcella Bellows                      Jackie Carley                   Birdie Conyers



There was more food than the group could eat and everyone who wished to take food home was able to do so. The club furnished the meat (roast pig and fried chicken) and members brought delicious side dishes. Cakes, pies, punch, ice tea and other drinks were plentiful.   






Members wore Hawaiian attire and prizes were awarded to the most authentic. Theresa Lilly dressed in a lovely red Hawaiian outfit with a luscious, crimson chapeau won 1st prize, Gertrude Wright also in a beautiful red outfit took second prize.  Birdie Conyers was also awarded Honorable Mention by the President. As each person entered the playing area, they were greeted with a smile and a lei by a little Wahini, dressed in a grass skirt (Jackie Carley’s great granddaughter) The room was artfully decorated with Hawaiian scenes on the wall, Hawaiian flowers on the table and just before lunch ------wait for it-------beautiful Hawaiian dancers took center stage. The Hawaiian dancers were the highlight of the party. Two girls and one young boy with swaying hips and delightful smiles danced to the sound of lovely Hawaiian music.

 Several Sacramento Diamond members were on vacation and attendance was down from last year’s theme party, but a group of our dear friends from Ace-Hi Duplicate Bridge Club, Oakland, CA were present. We are always happy to see them and their attendance helped to make the day a wonderful success.

It was also great to see Verna Lewis who celebrates her 94th birthday, August 31. Verna is a Diamond charter member; she looks great, still lives alone and drives whenever and wherever she likes. Diamond members have been entertained many times in Verna’s lovely home. No one cooks like she does. While eating dessert, one member said “I know this is Verna’s cake”. Her food is always delicious and can easily be identified. HAPPY BIRTHDAY VERNA…….LOVE FROM THE DIAMONDS.


A photographer was present to take pictures. A big thank-you to Clarence Varner (a relatively new member) who also took pictures with his video camera and who earlier during the year presented the Sacramento Diamonds Duplicate Bridge Club with two lovely name plates to mount on the wall.



The game was directed by Robert (Bob) Olsen with seven and a half tables. The winners were:

Helen Wood, Donna Ray, 1st place, North/South

Theresa Lilly, Margaret Ware, 2nd place North/South                       

Rita Robinson, Rosemary Lee, 1st place East/West            

Jackie Carley, Ruth Shelton, 2nd pace East/West






Robert Olsen, Director



            Woods & Ray 1st Place N/S                                                  Lilly & Ware 2nd Place N/S




        Robinson & Lee 1st Place E/W                                      Carley & Shelton 2nd place E/W





The Diamonds are still recruiting and teaching beginners’ and intermediate classes. There are two beginners’ classes; one taught by Sam Jones, the other by Helen Scott. The intermediate class is taught by Gertrude Wright. A warm welcome is extended to new members: Thelma Brown, Betty Facaine, Chuck Jones, Gloria Maness and Alzena Turner.

Due to the states’ budget crisis leading to the closure of several community centers, Thursday’s weekly game at George Simms Community center was moved to Sam Pannell Community Center.  Games are now held each Monday. Game time is 10:30 A.M. on the 2nd and 4th Monday and 12:30 P.M. on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month.

It was necessary to cancel the advance class held each Friday at George Simms. This class organized by Gertrude Wright and facilitated by a different group member weekly, became an excellent bridge study program, introducing new conventions and reviewing strategies and plays.

It appears that Diamond members traveled more than ever this year. Marcella Bellows, Helen Scott and Margaret Ware toured several countries in Europe, Seymour Daniels attended the   Omega Psi Phi Centennial Celebration in Washington, D.C. Verlyn Baker was also in Washington, D.C. celebrating The Tuskegee Airmen’s Convention, Marietta  Scott and Margaret Ware attended Southern University’s Alumni Conference in Baton Rouge LA, the Delta Sigma Theta Convention in Las Vegas, NV and the ABA Summer Nationals in Scottsdale, AZ, Gertrude Wright enjoyed a fund-raising cruise to the Caribbean to benefit The Autistic Children’s Foundation, Sam Jones visited his daughter in Las Vegas, NV. Helen Scott spent time in her vacation home in Phoenix, AZ, Marcella Bellows attended a family reunion in Lafayette, LA, and Patricia Walker visited her sister in Upper Marlborough, Maryland.


With sad hearts, we mourn the deaths of Maurice O’Neal and Ardis Gibson. They are greatly missed.

A prayer goes out to all the Diamonds who are unable to attend regular meetings due to illness, immobility or a myriad of reasons that can cause seniors to be housebound. WE LOVE AND MISS YOU.          




Gloria Parker, Editor




This newsletter can be seen on the ABA Western Section’s website. It will be dispersed to all members who are unable to access the internet and mailed to all members who do not receive one at the next two meetings.