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VernaIf “sixty is the new forty”, for Verna Lewis, charter member of the Sacramento Diamonds Bridge Club, “ninety-six is the new seventy-five”.

Interacting with Verna at the bridge table, at parties and other venues, she often attends; it is hard to believe that on August 31, she celebrated ninety-six years of lively-living.

Verna defies the stereotype of aging; she is still engaged in living life to its fullest. Driving her car several miles to a bridge game, shopping, cooking, attending church, entertaining her friends and taking vacations with her retired daughter, are just some of the things Verna continues to enjoy.

In 1988, when The Sacramento Diamonds became a member of the American Bridge Association (ABA) Verna was very active. She helped build the club, attended all the games, traveled to as many tournaments as possible and hosted many bridge parties in her lovely home.

Longevity runs in Verna’s family. Last year she held a Memorial Service in her spacious backyard for her brother who lived ninety-five years; her young sister is ninety-two years of age.

Verna is a warm, caring and interesting person with lots of friends who love her. She has a few common ailments relative to age, but has not been plagued with serious illnesses. She vows to keep active as long as possible. Verna plans to vacation in San Diego and on the Oregon coast later this year.