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Harmony Bridge Club Newsletter December 2011

Well Club Members we have just come off two excellent events...

Harmony's Appreciation Game

The Harmony appreciation game should set the standard for all appreciation games to be held at the LABU. They say a fine meal could stay with you in fond memory for a lifetime. It's true. Stephanie Young and Linda Wilson collaborated on a Chicken N' Waffle Dinner to go along with Harmony's Bridge Appreciation Game. The dinner was outstanding, I could tell by the number of elbows in the air, and heads bent over plates.

As far as the Game itself. The great battle cry “shuffle, deal, and play” lives on...and was boldly exercised. What better goes with a magnificent meal than... bids, tricks, trumps, and slams. Everyone loved the fusion of truly fine food and fierce card play

The Las Vegas Sectional

Our club is blessed with a multitude of talented people and we showed up in Las Vegas. We came in big numbers and kicked big butt. Therein, Harmony showed its competitive nature, and it was heavenly to behold.

Agnes Snowden (Vice President of the Western Section) worked exceptionally hard and with her committee pulled out again a tournament that ran as smooth as velvet. It was as close to flawless perfection as the Western Section has seen. Gloria Webb proved once again that the Director at a bridge tournament must be part diplomat, part federal marshal, part judge and part bouncer.

In addition let us not forget Harmony's own director Gloria Lee Ray who did more than just hold up her end. She was impressive! Ms. Ray seemed to be everywhere at once keeping all in order so much that nothing had a chance to go wrong.

Now for our Christmas Party

Sunday... December 18th ... Registration 12:30 Game 2:00pm

The Christmas party allows us to heal our 2011 wounds at the card table and say good-bye to them before the Crystal Ball falls again in Time Square. We are going to Deck the Halls! (Just think 50/50 raffle.) See you there.

The Sky's the Limit! Upcoming events in 2012

Our New LABU President Stephanie Young has been in office for one year. I don't think there is a single member who does not feel the excitment and the momentum taking place under Stephanie's direction. We look forward to another prosperous, happy and healthy New Year for our Bridge Unit. (Of course we all know Stephanie is a Harmony club member.)

Bridge Education

We can look forward to continue the upgrading of our game in January. Shirley Lee has one of those classes you should not miss for intermediate players happening now and continueing into 2012. Also the new player classes continue, and continue, and continue.

Finally --------

Bless us Lord this Christmas with quietness of mind, teach us to be patient and always to be kind.

Helen Rice

Harmony Club President: Patricia Barnes

Reporter: Linda Hines Wilson