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Holiday Greetings

Happy belated Thanksgiving greetings from the Joe Williams Club, and wishing everyone a very blessed Christmas season.

We are still motoring (or inching) along on Fridays with the game beginning at 12:00 p.m., or as close to that as we can get. Seems like we’re not moving as fast as we used to.

The Los Angeles Bridge Unit hosted an appreciation game for the Joe Williams DBC president, Lomie Shannon, and his wife, Gloria, on October 16, 2011. It was a wonderful surprise and enjoyed by all, with the always witty, Colonel Robert Friend, emceeing the affair.

There were over 100 people in attendance, including family members and friends. Andreda and James Pruitt are to be commended for their effort in organizing the event. Andreda was also assisted by her very able committee who made the game and luncheon a success. Doris Ayers made personalized mementoes--including place mats, scoring material, a giant greeting card signed by the members, and decorated a special reserved table for Lomie and Gloria; Mignon Benjamin, Alva Harris, Barbara DeGrafenread, Nancy Diggs, Shirley Lee, Emma Lee Johnson, Pat Barnes, Willa Johnson, Rubv Luke all donated their service, supplies and food. Alva said she put something “extra” in the jello mold, which must be the reason it was so delicious. Also on the menu-- chicken, green beans, potato salad, green salad, rolls, cake, ice cream and punch.

Thanks to Charles Ennis for his thoughtful prayer and invocation; Stephanie Young, president of LABU, read resolutions from the Unit for Lomie and Gloria. Agnes Snowden, vice-president of the Western Section, read a resolution from the Section. Annie Thomas had another affair to attend, but took the time to come and read a special commendation from the City of Inglewood for the happy couple. Thanks to Gloria Brown-Cook for writing the LABU resolution. Mary Crockett made sure that Lomie and Gloria didn’t have to do anything, she was their official “lady in waiting”. What a lady. Gloria Webb, as always, donated her time and service as Director of the game. There were about 18 tables in play. In case I missed anyone, please know that we certainly appreciate all that you do.

Dr. Louis Whitworth, a member of the Joe Williams Club, honored the guests with two saxophone solos, “Play Misty for Me”, and “How Great Thou Art”. Well done. Lou is a fairly new and welcome member to the JWBC. He and his wife, Audrey Whitworth, are regulars on Fridays.

Melvin Arterberry, Lomie’s long-time bridge partner, dropped in. He has been inactive for the past couple of years because of health concerns. It was great seeing Melvin again. Pat Spain, Rikki Price and Alma Hill also JWBC members, were in attendance. Hope they will come back on a regular basis. Pat has managed to play a few times in the past couple of months. She was out for a long time with a shoulder injury. We miss our “super cruising duo”, Frances Jones and Freddie Pinson. Frances has been ill.

The Joe Williams Club and the LABU were saddened by the death of Xavier Lee Ray on September 15, 2011. Xavier had been inactive for the past few years due to health issues, but he remained a paid member of the Joe Williams Club, and spent a lot of time staying in touch, and encouraging fellow bridge players with his positive spirit. When Lomie Shannon was ill, Xavier often took time to call him with a heartening word. Xavier was always hopeful, along with his friends, that he would get back to the bridge table.

Charles Jackson, our own “King Charles”, will not be playing as regularly as he has been in the past. His wife, Catherine, is experiencing some health matters, so he will be spending more time with her. We will certainly miss Charles’ wit and, of course, his “superb” play at the bridge table, but look forward to seeing him once in a while. If you have a chance, send Charles a note of support. I’m sure he would appreciate that.

Hank Sands is talking about moving to the Atlanta area. We’ll have to start a campaign to keep him here. He can’t leave Mary Lou Walker in the lurch. They’ve established a very good partnership

Our annual Christmas party will be held on December 16th. Odessia Love, a great member and supporter of our club, has given a generous contribution to help offset the expenses of the party/game. Thank you Odessia for always opening your ‘pocketbook’ for the club. Gwen Hopkins donates most of our paper goods, which is a big help. Mignon Benjamin is a new member for 2012, but already she pitches in and helps where needed. I’ve never seen anyone move so effortlessly around the kitchen. We have our own “Iron Chefs”, Mignon, Gayle Dennis, Genevieve Kyle, Barbara Mosby, Gloria Shannon, Vennie Liddell, and Audrey Whitworth who present a delicious lunch before each game. So come out and enjoy.

The Joe Williams Club thanks our club members, and the other LABU members who support our club on a regular basis. You are what keeps us going. Remember, Fridays at noon!

Gee Fish

Reporter for the Joe Williams Club