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Lillian Henry, 100th Birthday Celebration

Lillian HenryIf you weren't at the Los Angeles Bridge Unit clubhouse on May 6th, you missed it! What did you miss? Only the greatest party ever, "Mardi Gras in May" - the 100th birthday celebration for Lillian Henry, the most senior member of the LABU. She was adorable and had such a great time. She was accompanied by her daughter-in-law, Marie Clarke; granddaughters, Chimene Holmes, Candice Clarke, and Theresa ClaYi and her great-granddaughters, Sterling Holmes, Sheridan Holmes, Aryn Clay and Alexis Clay. Her son, Roderick Clarke, was also in attendance. The head table was adorned with a beautiful bouquet of flowers in greens, yellows and purples, in keeping with the Mardi Gras theme. Although we really didn't know what people wear to a Mardi Gras affair, Mardi Gras Ruby Luke managed to nail it. Someone made the comment that Ruby looked like one of the Creole madams in the French Quarter. Her costume must have been very believable!! Ruby, if you ever need a part time job, you know the way to the "Big Easy". Loved the purple outfits worn by Shirley Lee, Mignon Benjamin and Gloria Shannon. There were some very spectacular masks worn by the guests. Odessia Love and Mary Crockett's masks were really standouts. Several people were rocking to the Zydeco music in the background, including Mrs. Henry!

This was the 4th annual party sponsored and hosted by the "May Babies" and our wonderful LABU friends, Doris Ayers, Mignon Benjamin, Stephanie Young, Ruby Luke, Ethel Hightower, and Pat Banks. This event was really special in that it was a milestone for Mrs. Henry, and what we have been building up to, these past few years. Doris Ayers, with her great talent, made personal mementoes, convention cards and table markers, for the party. The highlight was a beautiful, souvenir fan that she designed and created, with Mrs. Henry's image on it. Stephanie Young was instrumental in getting Jan Perry, the 9th District Councilwoman, Mrs. Henry's district, to come and present a Certificate of Commendation to Mrs. Henry in honor of her 100th birthday. It was good of Ms. Perry to take the time to come for this most important and blessed event. She said this was an opportunity she could not pass up. Ms. Young also read a Certificate of Commendation in honor of Mrs. Henry from the City of Inglewood. Ms. Young was in charge of publicitv, and created a beautiful flyer announcing the party.

Edna Eldridge, as ever creative, made a large, framed picture tribute to Mrs. Henry. It is absolutely beautiful and will hang in perpetuity at the bridge club. Shirley Lee, cook extraordinaire tittered everyone's taste buds with an okra succotash dish, and one of her famous coconut-pineapple cakes. Ruby Luke got in on the cake baking and provided her own, equally famous, coconut-pineapple cake. Not a crumb was left! Mignon Benjamin made the delicious jambalaya. As if she could make anything that wasn't delicious. Mignon, you are one great cook. Gloria Webb made a great potato salad, and directed the game gratis, which she always does. She was ably assisted by Agnes Snowden and Gloria Lee Ray. I believe Gayle Dennis got in on the directing as well. Gloria Brown-Cook prepared the red beans. Several people were tracking her down to get the recipe. So, you know they must have passed the taste test. Gloria C also provided the theme-colored paper goods and eating utensils. Gloria LeeRay brought the champagne, and it was flowing. Maybe that's the reason we had so many calls for the Director throughout the game, and needed so many.

Willa Johnson provided the punch and garlic bread, and coordinated the entire affair. Ethel Hightower donned her apron and tossed a salad that was dynamite. She made sure there was plenty of cold, bottled water on hand. Gloria Shannon ordered the floral bouquet, and brought the delicious baked chicken .. no, she didn't spend all night plucking the chickens. She also provided the colorful beads for all the party guests. At first we were going to throw the beads at the guests, the way it's done at carnival in New Orleans, but decided we didn't want to be faced with any lawsuits for injuries suffered by a bead to the eye, so we just put them on each table. Each person received a personalized pen in honor of Mrs. Henry. Dr. Louis Whitworth graced us with one of his wonderful saxophone solos, "How Great Thou Art". Josephine Duenas w~s our roving photographer once again and does a terrific job. Dr. Whitworth and Ms. Duenas are always willing to participate, which we appreciate so much. You will be able to see a slide show of the photos on the Western Section website. Mr. Brown, one of our favorite non-playing bridge friends, took care of the kitchen cleanup. His willingness to do this allowed us to get to our bridge game without any delay after the program. Everything moved along very smoothly, and we were able to start our game at the time announced. After all the celebrating, Mrs. Henry stayed and played bridge with her favorite partner, Janice Layne. It was great seeing Mary Bell at the party, as she usually does not come out for Sunday games, but this occasion was so important, she couldn't stay away. Even though Andreda Pruitt, our foremost Ways and Means Committee chairperson, was in attendance, she passed up the chance to have a 50-50 raffle. Next time Andreda! You do a great job.

Charles Jackson, who has been absent from the bridge club, stopped by to wish Mrs. Henry a happy birthday, along with his wife, Catherine. Charles gave a generous donation for this party-fundraiser. Thank you Charles for your continued support of LABU. Frances Jones was in attendance. We hadn't seen Frances at the club all year, so it was great seeing her, and we thank Freddie Pinson, one of the May babies, for bringing her to the party. Sarah McKinney and Janet Taylor came all the way from Pasadena and enjoyed the festivities. Thanks to Harley Wyatt for giving us a brief highlight of Mrs. Henry's life.

Thanks also to these very special May babies for their generous donations and a job well done: Gloria Brown-Cook, Edna Eldridge, Shirley Lee, Gloria Lee Ray, Gloria Webb, Gloria Shannon, Freddie Pinson, Annie Flowal, Ida Martin, Audrey Whitworth, Carnell Wingfield, and Charlene Carodine. This was indeed a noteworthy affair, and you all deserve a pat on the back. Each May baby and "wannabee" gave from the heart as this was such a special event. A big thank-you to Willa Johnson, who worked tirelessly as the committee chairperson, bringing everything together, resulting in a good time for all.

Special thanks to the following clubs for their generous monetary donation: Crenshaw, Harmony, Joe Williams, and Pasadena.

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