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On August 31st 2013 family and friends of Nadine Gwaltney Nadine Gwaltneygathered from literally all over the country for a special celebration. To proclaim the “Fountain of Youth” is not a myth and breaking the Century mark was now an attainable goal, at least for Nadine Gwaltney. However, she only has enough bottles of the water stashed away for herself.

The fact is if it were not for the family celebration we at the Los Angeles Bridge Unit would have had no idea an event of such magnitude was taking place. That’s right … Birthday Yes, Centenarian, No!

When we heard Nadine was celebrating being 100 years old, there was a lot of gasping, stammering and confusion. However, now that the word was out, we planned our own festivities for September 22, 2013 for our Bridge World in Southern California to celebrate Nadine’s never losing her robust enthusiasm for life.

Nadine lives an active life, both mentally and physically. No, she is not an exercise nut, but she does keep moving.

To start with:

Nadine Gwaltney is a bridge player, not just a person who plays bridge but a real honest to goodness bridge player. Her first duplicate bridge teacher was Abe Moore and later Josephine McLester. I think that says it all. She is a member of several bridge clubs, Pasadena DBC (part of LABU), 8 Queens DBC, and The Friday Bridge Foursome.

Nadine is a class act, a socialite beyond compare…just ask around. She understands the meaning of Charity and has a Social as well as Political Conscious. As a retired Educator it was well know Nadine had a special calling. It is not a job well-suited to everyone. However, it is obvious that Nadine reaped and will continue to reap many rewards that come with this oft maligned career.

Nadine is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha (she is definitely an AKA with all the trimmings) which is the icing on the cake…pink and green icing of course. We all know AKA’s are a dynamic group of women who connect socially and professionally, while creating a legacy of passion and purpose.

Our bridge playing friend is often seen at the Women's City Club of Pasadena, a private club environment for women actively involved in business, civic affairs, education, and philanthropy.

Yes, this is our Nadine.

Like everyone else, I’m sure she has a few regrets. But Nadine never, ever, seems sad or disappointed, just the opposite, she is always remarkably pleasant and delightful to be around.

At the Pasadena DBC they toss words around such as classy, intelligent, outgoing, creative, socialite, snazzy dresser, hostess extraordinaire, beautiful smile, gracious, gourmet cook, I am going to say gourmet cook twice cause she is that good…"she offers deep friendship", and she keeps up with all her friends. Nadine is caring, gentle, imaginative, "never complains and always has a smile for you", loves to shop, loves to entertain and is just simply a beautiful young lady.

She is not the type of person to get easily ruffled. This should give us all a lot to think about. It seems one way to prepare for a well lived and long life is to be charming and pleasantly delightful as a way of life. Just ask Nadine.

Every Monday you can catch Nadine with her bridge partner of 24 years Grace Carter playing (what else) bridge. They met in 1989, dressed in pink and green, looked at each other, said AKA, hugged and became good friends in addition to bridge partners from that moment.

One of the best times to be at a club meeting in Pasadena is when Nadine, the consummate hostess, brings her unique gourmet treats…it is really something more than special when Nadine entertains, it is more of a presentation. You would never believe this classy lady dressed in her usual snazzy way, would while riding down an escalator, spot her bridge partner going up the escalator next to her, only to turn and run up the down escalator to catch up to her partner… Oh No, Nadine would never do that. All just to get to a bridge game on time? Never!

Nadine’s loves in her life consist of her religious beliefs, her son Chuck and his wife Barbara who she adores, close and respectful relationships with family and friends, being an AKA, playing bridge, line dancing, keeping herself physically and mentally fit, shopping, The Western Section’s Las Vegas Sectional in the Fall, shopping at Trader Joe’s, her book club, being socially and politically aware and of course The ABA. It is obvious she has found purpose and value in living and that will always keep her healthy, wealthy in her relationships, and wise.

If the general public has the right idea and 70 is the new 50, then what I am about to say makes sense. Nadine Gwaltney looks in her seventy’s, acts like she is in her 50’s , dresses like she’s in her 40’s, and drives like she is in her 30’s. Our friend just got a new car. No wonder no one had any idea how long she has been blessing us with her presence on this earth…it is an inspiration how she continues to triumph over age and time.

All-in-all, what many of us have learned from Nadine is, it is not enough to have a long life... the main thing is to use it well. Club member Grace Carter summed it up correctly when she said, “It is a pleasure to know Nadine, play bridge with her and be a close friend.”

Submitted by Linda Hines Wilson with a lot of help from the Pasadena DBC.