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2018 Spring National

THE DIAMOND DOCKET - October, 2012


I am indeed privileged and proud to be president of one of the greatest Duplicate Bridge Clubs in the USA. Our members are cooperative, willing to learn, hardworking and love playing the game of BRIDGE. We have had an exciting year playing bridge every Monday—except holidays. Many thanks to the Sacramento Diamonds for allowing me to serve as your president; you make serving easy and fun.

Margaret Ware


MasqueradersThe Sacramento Diamond’s annual theme party was held on September 10, at Sam Pannell Senior Center. As in previous years it was a rousing success. The theme this year was “Mardi Gras”. Instead of featuring outside entertainment, players dressed in a variety of colorful costumes and paraded around the festive room to the sounds of down-home Louisiana music.

Prize WinnersPrizes were awarded for the best costumes. Delores White, dressed as a baby, won first prize, Margaret Ware won second prize and Daniel Seymour won third prize. Prizes were also awarded to members lucky enough to find one of the three tiny plastic babies embedded in the delicious "King" cake.

The food - in keeping with the theme - was plentiful and delicious: gumbo, jambalaya, red beans and rice, fried chicken, cornbread, salads, drinks, pies and cakes. The homemade pralines made by Theresa Lilly were the best this writer has ever tasted. The event was coordinated by James Varner, Sacramento Diamond’s vice president; his committee members, Jackie Carley, Birdie Conyers and Marcella Bellows helped to make it a memorable affair. There were eight tables of bridge. The winners were:

1st place N/S 1st place E/W
Bob Olsen Gloria Parker Helen Scott Gloria Stiner
2nd place N/S 2nd place E/W
Muriel James Marie White Marietta Scott Heman Smith